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CDs -”P” Artists


All their hits – all original versions! Includes ‘Florence’, ‘Begin the Beguine’, ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ and more! 27 tracks.

Blue Velvet

In the Midst of the Night

Kneel & Pray

Begin the Beguine

Danny Boy

Baby Take My Hand

Darlin’ I Love You

Wedding Bells

So You Will Know

Just A Memorie

Hey Baby

If You Love Me

Give Me Love

Thinking of You

Two Hearts Are Better Than One

Don’t Cry


If Time After Time

Diamonds and Pearls

Hey Little School Girl

If You Love Me

Florence Florence

Don’t Leave Me

Doll Baby

Let’s Start All Over Again

The Things I Love

Danny Boy



This is the album that was at every party you ever went to! Now on CD with excellent sound quality – hear it like it was the first time! Includes the ever popular ‘Florence’ by the Paragons and ‘The Wind’ by the ‘Jesters’. A great CD to start your collection or a definite ‘must have’ to complete it!



Please Let Me Love You-Jesters

So Strange-Jesters

Let’s Start All Over Again-Paragons

Now That You’re Gone-Jesters

The Vows of Love-Paragons

Hey Little School Girl-Paragons

I’m Falling In Love-Jesters

Love No One But You-Jesters

Stick With Me Baby – Paragons

I Laughed-Jesters


The Wind-Jesters

Two Hearts Are Better Than One-Paragons

Oh Baby-Jesters

Vows of Love-Paragons

The Plea-Jesters


THE PASSIONS – JUST TO BE WITH YOUOne of the best vocal groups to emerge from New York City in the late fifties – Brooklyn’s own Passions – 16 tracks including ‘Just to be With You’ and ‘I Only Want You’. Contains 1 alternate take and 2 outtakes. 

Just To Be With You

I Only Want You

Made For Lovers


This Is My Love

One Look Is All It Took

Oh Melancholy Me

You Don’t Love Me Anymore

Lonely Road


Just To Be With You (alternate take)

Jungle Drums

I Gotta Know

This Is My Love

I Only Want You

Beautiful Dreamer

PEARLS – HERE COME THE PEARLSOnyx record label recording artists – the Pearls! 22 tracks you will remember!


Zippity Zippity Zoom

Shadows of Love

My Oh My

Ice Cream Baby

The Vow

I Sure Need You

Yum Yummy

Your Cheatin’ Heart

Band of Angels

Real Humdinger

Bells of Love

Let’s You & I Go Steady

More Than The Day Before

It’s Love, Love, Love

Tree in the Meadow

You’re Not In Love With Me


Ugly Face

The Wheel of Love

Rockin’ Horse

Please Let Me Know

Come On Home


‘Earth Angel’ the number 1 R&B record of all times; in addition to appearing on radio chart toppers, it regularly appears on television and movies. 12 tracks.


Earth Angel

Love will Make Your Mind Go Wild

You’re An Agnel

Lover or Fool

Baby Let’s Make Some Love

No There Anin’t No News Today

Hey Senorita

Do NOt Pretend

Heart of a Fool

Kiss A Fool Goodbye

Ookey Ook

On Sunday Night

This Sunday night, Bill will be featuring ...