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CDs -”O” Artists

for Sonny Til & Oriole’s fans!! Sonny Til’s last recordings donein 1981 are presented in an enhanced form, with various instruments and voices added. It has been remixed and remastered in an effort to create a lasting tribute to this great artist and pioneer of R&R. 17 tracks.SkylarkManhattan


A GI Wish

May that day Never Come

I had the craziest dream

Rose Ann of Charing Cross

What Do you Know About Love?

Magic Moon

Walkin’ By the River

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall-Live Australia & New Zealand Tour 1976

We three- Live Australia & New Zealand tour 1976

If I didn’t care-Live Australia & New Zealand Tour 1976

To Each his Own – Live Australia & New Zealand Tour 1976

The Gypsy-Live Australia & New Zealand Tour 1976

I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire-Live Australia & New Zealand Tour 1976

Blueberry Hill-Live Australia & New Zealand Tour 1976

Sonny Till Interview August 2, 1980

THE ORIOLES – JUBILEE JIVE ROCKIN’ with the OriolesThe Orioles had a reputation as the coolest purveyors of dreamy ballads but a lot of their singles had uptempo/bluesy flipsides. Sequel had gathered together most of the best of these and thrown in a few ballads for balance. Selected original recordings from the Jubilee record label. 28 tracks include ‘I May Be Wrong’, ‘Shrimp Boats’, ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’ plus 26 more tracks. 15 previously unissued.I May Be Wrong

It Ain’t Gonna Be Like That

I Cross My Fingers

Shrimp Boats

Baby I Love You So

Don’t Stop

I’m Just A Fool In Love

Along About Sundown

Yes Indeed

There’s No One But You

Hold Me, Squeeze Me


Don’t Cry Baby

Happy Go Lucky Local


Once Upon A Time

My Baby’s Gonna Get It

Good Looking Baby

So Much

How Blind Can You Be

Don’t Keep It To Yourself

My Loved One

Bring That Money Home


See See Rider

I Miss You So

Baby Please Don’t Go

Barbra Lee

THE ORIOLES – FOR COLLECTORS ONLYThree CD’s (total of 60 tracks) of the fabulous Orioles – contains the original Jubilee recordings. Includes hits such as ‘I Cover the Waterfront’, ‘In the Chapel in the Moonlight’ plus 58 more! 


Pal of Mine

I Cover the Waterfront

In The Chapel In The Moonlight

(It’s Gonna Be A) Lonely Christmas

Crying In The Chape

l I Miss You So (1st version)

Goodnight Irene

Till Then

It’s Too Soon To Know

A Kiss and A Rose

Walking By The River

Trust In Me

Don’t Stop

I Promise You

I Don’t Want To Take A Chance

Once Upon A Time

My Baby’s Gonna Get It

I’m Beginning To Think You Care For Me

See See Rider

Don’t Keep It To Yourself


Don’t Cry Baby

Along About Sundown

I Challenge Your Kiss

I Had To Leave Town

Tell Me So (2nd version)

Baby Please Don’t Go

I’d Rather Have You Under The Moon

You Belong To Me

At Night

I Need You So

Hold Me! Squeeze Me!

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Forgive & Forget

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve

Pretty, Pretty Rain

Feeling Low

Good Looking Baby

Teardrops On My Pillow

Bad Little Girl


Bring The Money Home


Maybe You’ll Be There

Drowning Every Hope Ever Had

Everything They Said Came True

Why Did You Go

Please Give My Heart A Break

Deacon Jones

You Are My First Love

Barbra Lee

Gettin’ Tired, Tired, Tired

Can’t Seem To Laugh Anymore

I May Be Wrong

Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)

Blame It On Yourself

How Blind Can You Be

My Loved One

So Much

ORLONS – ALL THEIR HITS AND MORE!All their hits and more – features all the original hit versions of the songs you remember so well – ‘South Street’, ‘Don’t Hang Up’. ‘The Wah-Watusi’ and many others. 32 tracks


South Street

Don’t Hang Up

The Wah-Watusi

Not Me

The Conservative



Knock! Knock!

Goin’ Places

Shimmy Shimmy

Rules of Love

Come On Down Baby Baby

Envy (In Your Eyes)

I Ain’t Coming Back

Don’t Throw Your Love Away

My Best Friend

Them Terrible Boots

Everything Nice

Holiday Hill

It’s No Big Thing

Big Daddy

Mama Didn’t Lie

Don’t Let Go

The Cha Cha Cha

For Your Love

Too Strong To Be Strung Along

Big Girls Don’t Cry

Keep Your Hands Off My Baby

Between 18th & 19th on Chestnut Street

I Can’t Take It

Don’t You Want My Lovin’

No Love But Your Love

On Sunday Night

This Sunday night, Bill will be featuring ...