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GENE & EUNICE – THIS IS MY STORY“The Sweethearts of Rhythm and Blues” – their voices so complimentary to each other that at times their effortless, lyrical, almost lilting style seemed to float right out of the record player. 25 tracks.

This is My Story

The Angels Gave You To Me

The Vow

You and Me

Flim Flam

Move It Over

Baby Bom Bom


Doodle Doodle Doo

Hootchy Kootchy

I’m So In Love With You

I Mean Love

Let’s Get Together


Don’t Treat Me This Way

I Gotta Go Home

Can We Forget It


Go On Ko-Ko-Mo

Ah! Ah!

You Think I’m Not Thinking

You Drive Me Buggy

Without Love

Strange Love

I’ll Never Believe In You

Have You Changed Your Mind


CDCHD 812 Price $18


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