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CDs – “E” Artists


All original recordings – 25 original classics. Includes “Til Then”, “Never”, and many more 25 tracks.

Remember Then


Cry Cry Cry


I Believe

Oh What a Time

I Keep A Tellin’ You

Ask Anybody

Out in The Colf Again

Lookin’ My Way

Don’t Forget

Remember Me Baby


Let’s Waddle


Old Man River

Our Day Will Come

Life is But a Dream

Looking For My Baby

All Through our Teens

Without You

Cross My Heart

Teenager’s Dream

Lost Love

Little Boy & Girl



EARLS – REMEMBER WHEN ?The Earls Featuring Larry Chance 1961-1968. All Early And Rare Sides. contains Unreleased Material 31 Tracks

Life is But A Dream

It’s You

Lookin’ for My Baby (original version)

Without You

Cross My Heart (original 45 RPM master mix)

Little Boy & Girls (full 45 RPM version)

Lost Love (full version)

Remember When (short version)

My Heart’s Desire (slow version)

Dreams Come True (unreleased demo version)

Lost Love (unreleased raw version)

Little Boy & Girl (raw album version)

My Heart’s Desire (unreleased medium version)

Stormy Weather

Whoever You Are

All Through Our Teens

Remember When (long version)

Cross My Heart (session mix)

A Sunday Kind of Love

My Heart’s Desire (orig. fast version)

Promise Her Anything – Larry Chance

Let Them Talk – Larry Chance

I’ll Never Cry

Dreams Come True (full version)

(The Story of) The In-Between Years (Part 1 & 2)

Don’t Let It Get You Down

My Lonely Lonely Room

It’s Been A Long Time Coming

Daddy’s Home – Jimmy Cee with the Earls

Sister Sookey


On Sunday Night

This Sunday night, Bill will be featuring ...