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CDs – “D” Artists

DANNY & THE JUNIORS – GOLDEN CLASSICSClassic Rock ‘n’ Roll just the way you remember it – includes ‘At the Hop’, ‘Sometime (When I’m All Alone)’ plus 19 more great tunes!At The Hop

Sometimes (When I’m All Alone)

Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay

School Boy



In the Meantime

Crazy Cave

A Thief

I Feel So Lonely

Sassy Fran

Do You Love Me

Somehow I Can’t Forget

Playing Hard To Get

Of Love

Back To The Hop

Pony Express

Twistin’ USA

A Thousand Miles Away


Twistin’ All Night Long

DEL-SATINS – BACK FROM LUNCHThirty-one tracks from the Del-Satins. Contains alternate versions, stereo versions and some previously unreleased tracks.


Counting Teardrops


I’ll Pray For You

I Remember the Night

Just A Little While

Guardian Angel

Teardrops Follow Me

Ballad of A DJ

I Really Do

I’ll Never Know

Poor Little Sad Eyed Sue

Sweets for my Sweet

I’ll Do My Crying Tomorrow

Ski Beat

Clicky Clack

Who Cares

Two Broken Hearts

Miss America Teenager

I Wanna Know

Is It A Dream

Please Be Mine

She’s So Wonderful

Can’t Find The Girl On My Mind, Now

A Little Rain Must Fall

Love, Hate, Revenge

Win or Lose

The Prettiest Girl I Kissed Today

She’s Not Around Anymore

Beaty Dean

Someone To Care

Best Wishes, Goodluck, Goodbye



You loved the first album – here’s volume 2! 31 tracks with a 16 page booklet with discography. Eight previously unreleased tracks.

I’ll Pray For You

I Wanna Know

Teardrops Follow Me

Counting Teardrops

Read Between the Lines

Crazy Questions

I Wanna Know

So Bad

She’s Not Around Anymore

I’ll Do My Crying Tomorrow

Sweets For My Sweet


Believe in Me

Feelin’ No Pain

I’ll Never Know

A Girl Named Arlene

Devil Names Sue

My Candy Vette

Calling My Love

Does My Love Stand A Chance

Someday (Someway)

If You Ever

Today I Am In Love


It’s Raining Outside

I Don’t Care

Angel By My Side

Never Let You Go

Breaking Your Heart For Fun

Walking Down the Avenue

Such A Lovin’

On Sunday Night

This Sunday night, Bill will be featuring ...